Tuesday, 27 May 2014

26 January 
* My heart belong to you
* You be mine!
* I'm start loving you
* You promise that you never leave me
* You accept for who i am
* You are the one that i love!

Daniel's, thanks always be there by my side, loving me, take care of me & everything. I'm sorry if i always make you mad to me, I'm sorry if make you crying because of my fault, I'm sorry if i can't be the best for you but i'm trying to be the best. Hi sayang, if you want to know i love you & i miss you ♥ You're the best for me. I glad that i have you :)

Now you're my boyfriend & maybe one day you'll be my husband. Insya'Allah :) So please stay with me forever. Can ah? I want you to love me alone! Just me! Ok i repeat, just me! Understand? Good :* I can't be your first love but sayang, i want to be your last love that always in your mind, your heart, your eyes ♥
Today quite 4 months 1 days we shared our love. Wow, i can't believe it.

I miss our sweet memories ♥ Don't flirt with another girl sayang & I promise i will not fall inlove with another man. I just want you :') That all from me. Btw, HAPPY MONTHSARRY 4 MONTHS & 1 DAYS SAYANG ♥